Past Dogs


Here are some of our dogs that have either retired or went over the rainbow bridge



Hercule left us 2 weeks before he turned 11 years old. He was a very special and wonderful companion and gave us so many beautiful puppies.  He still lives in our heart and we will never forgive him.

Rest in peace our sweet boy, we will always love you, you are now with Harley  ( your mommy ) and Tank ( your daddy)



Harley died in 2003



Xena died in 2006


Eros died in 2006



Iris died in 2007


Orphée is retired, but alive, she is 8 years old



Metis never had any babies, she died in 2009



Cybèle dies at 9 years old



Maya dies at 9 years old

Sergent Zeus

Sergent is retired and still alive, he lives with my dauther he is 8 years old


Kora dies in 2012 at 9 years old


Willow is now retired with my son's in law



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