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        We have imported some dogs form the United States and from Europe to improve the breed.  We choose the best dogs for reproduction.  It is difficult to determine if a puppy will become such a dog. Many steps have to be taken before a dog is selected for reproduction. First, the dog must meet the standards of the breed. Second, the dog must show an excellent temperament. Finally, the dog must have X-rays  taken of his elbows and hips, which will be analyzed by the OFA. we also test for the eyes( CERF), the heart, the Von Willerbrand and DM ( all our dogs are tested for the two mutations of this illness ). All are our dogs are rated at least GOOD or EXCELLENT for the hips We don't breed any mild dysplasia, borderline or fair hips. As you can see we are very strict on the health testing we do on our dogs.

If the dog is successful, then only will he be good for reproduction.  As you can see, it's not as easy as it seems. Each puppy leaves at 8 weeks for his new home. He is microchipped, registered by the CKC, dewormed 3 times ,has received his first shots and his spurs are cut when he is 2 days old.  We offer a 2 year warranty on hip dysplasia and other congenital malformations. We also do a follow-up to make sure everything is going well and we are always there to answer any question you may have.

               We also evaluate each puppy to know what kind of temperament he has. Our goal is to be able to provide you with the best dog that will suit your need.  Your puppy will also be socialize a lot. ALL OUR PUPPIES ARE BORNED IN OUR HOUSE AND ARE MANIPULATED SEVERAL TIMES A DAY.  Here are some pictures  of puppies that were born in our home. We put all our effort in order to contribute to the improvement of that  wonderful breed. We can also ship your puppy if necessary.

A lot of our puppies already left by plane to go to different states in the U.S.A and different places in Canada and even in Europe. As we previously told you , our dogs are all x-ray and certified with OFA. The reuslts for hips in Canada and the US are quoted either FAIR-GOOD or EXCELLENT. In Europe you will see mostly  A and B and C in pedigrees, A means EXCELLLENT OR GOOD and B means FAIR, C is light dysplasia. Come country have other quotes like 0/0 wich meand no dysplasia. So you can understand a little more when you see some pedigrees.      





 A new litter from Fergie and Gizmo was born on October 19th and these puppies will be ready to go on the weekend of December 16th

6 males and 5 females

1 female still available



And we are expecting another litter on November 4th so we will have other puppies ready to go at the beginning of January 2018.

We already have some reservations for those litters so don't wait too long if interested



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Reservations in progress

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You can communicate with us by e-mail 

or by  telephone  450-792-2477


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