Welcome on our web site where we will present you our bernese mountain dogs. Our passion for the breed has always push us to want to produce the best dogs possible without health problems and with wonderful disposition and temperaments. We put lots of effort to choose the best dogs in our breeding program that reach our high standard to continue giving you the best dogs possible. We have imported dogs from Belgium, Poland, Tcheque Republic , Italy and the United States in order to get the best possible line available in the world. We are constantly looking for new lines that would improve our own breeding program and would not hesitate to pay whatever to get them.

All our lines have a lot of champions, international champions and world champions. We also have some champions that we have gained ourselfes but that is not all to be a champion in conformation... A dog must also have a good genetic without health issues, which is OUR PRIORITY. A good breeder will only repoduce dogs that are healthy and will know his lines and what is behing also. Make sure when you choose a breeder to ask ALL the papers showing the test results of the parents of your future puppy. A good breeder first priority will be to sell puppies coming from healthy parents who passed all the tests, if a dog doesn't get all certifications it should not be breed even if it is the most beautiful dog in the world

Don't forget that even if a dog passes all certifications it is not a 100% guarantee that he can't produce some puppies with health issues so why take any chances , we only breed with healthy parents.

Our main goal is and will always be to produce big bernese mountain dogs with nice disposition , good conformation and without any health issues. We have reach our 7th generations of dogs  and keep on going. We emphasized on big dogs because we beleive the bernese is not a small dog. Nowadays we see a lot of bernese that don't reach the standart and that are small without good boning. For us, this is not a bernese. We work with big lines and will keep on doing so to produce the big teddy bear a bernese shoud be. Over the years, we have met breeders like us who beleive in the same things we do and we  worked together to improve this wonderful breed.

We hope you appreciate your visit!

I am a breeder with a Magister Cyno-Professionnel  diplôma 

Here is my diplôma, you can click to see it


      Member ok the CKC: Canadian kennel Club

                                                              CQBB: Bernese mountain dog club of Quebec

                                                                 BMDCC: Bernese mountain dog club of Canada

                                                                                                       APECCQ: Professionnal Association of breeders and dogs educators in Québec





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